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Floor 2 /  Post Impressionism / Overview


1875 to 1900



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This period, the last twenty to twenty five years of the 19th Century, was a time of transition and experimentation in the visual arts. Photography had become well established and with few exceptions artists moved away from competing with what the camera could do well.


Gustav Moreau

born: Paris, France; 6 April 1826
died: Paris, France; 18 April 1898


Moreau: Solome Presents the Ring

Salome Presents the Ring



Seventeen more Moreau pictures.




Redon: Self  Odilon Redon

born: Bordeaux, France; 20 April 1840
died: Paris, France; 6 July 1916


Redon: Winged Man (Fallen Angel)

Winged Man
(Fallen Angel)


Twenty-four more Redon pictures.



Henri Rousseau
"Le Douanier"

born: Laval, France; 24 May 1844
died: Paris, France; 2 September 1910


Rousseau, Henri: The Sleeping Gypsy

Sleeping Gypsy


Nine more Rousseau Pictures.



Gauguin: Self  Paul Gauguin

born: Paris, France; 7 June 1848
died: Marquesas Islands; 8 May 1903


Gauguin: Pissaro's portrait of Gauguin; Gaugin's portrait of Pissaro
Pissaro's portrait of Gauguin;
Gauguin's portrait of Pissaro


 Gauguin: Old Spirit
Old Spirit

Four more Gauguin pictures.



Van Gogh: self  Vincent van Gogh

born: Groot-Sundert, Netherlands; 30 March 1853
died: Auvers-sur-Oise, France; 29 July 1890


Van Gogh: Wheat Field and Cypress

Wheat Field and Cypress



Twenty more Van Gogh pictures.



Henri-Edmond Cross (Delacroix)

born: Douai, France; 1856
died: Sabt-Clair, France; 1910


Cross: Flowered Terrace

Flowered Terrace

Cross: Church at St. Maria

Church at St. Maria

Cross: Beach at Cabasson

Beach at Cabasson
about 1892

Cross: La Ronde

La Ronde
about 1907


Cross: Woman Combing her Hair

Woman Combing
Her Hair




Anders Leonard Zorn

born: Mora, Sweden; 18 February 1860
died: Mora, Sweden; 1920


Painter, print maker, and sculptor. He was internationally famed as one of the best genre and portrait painters in Europe at the end of the 19th century.


Zorn: Red Stockings

Red Stockings

Zorn: White Lilly

White Lilly


More Zorn pictures.



James Sidney Ensor

born: Ostend, Belgium; 13 April 1860
died: Ostend, Belgium; 19 November 1949


 Ensor: Christ's Entry into Brussels

 Ensor: Christ's Entry into Brussles  -- detail 1

 Ensor: Christ's Entry into Brussels  -- detail 2

Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889
Getty Center
Los Angeles, California, US


Forty-six more Ensor Pictures.



Gustav Klimt

born: Baumgarten, Austria; 14 July 1862
died: Vienna, Austria; 6 February 1918


Klimt: [mural] Medicine -- detail

Medicine Mural


Thirty-two more Klimt pictures: (part 1) (part 2).



Paul Signac

born: Paris, France; 11 November 1863
died: Paris, France; 15 August 1935


Signac: Woman and Lamp

Woman and Lamp

Signac: Parasol Pine

Parasol Pine

Signac: Breakfast


Signac: Seine at Asnieres

Seine at Asnieres

Signac: Papal Palace

Papal Palace

Signac: Boulevard de Clichy with Snow

Boulevard de Clichy
with Snow



Munch: Self  Edvard Munch

born: Loten, Norway; 12 December 1863
died: near Oslo, Norway; 23 January 1944


Munch: The Scream

The Scream


Eleven more Munch pictures.



Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

born: Albi, France; 24 November 1864
died: Gironde, France; 9 September 1901


Toulouse-Lautrec: Confetti



Eleven more Toulouse-Lautrec pictures.


Jean Delville

born: Belgium; 1867
died: 1953


Delville: The Love of Souls

The Love of Souls


Five more Delville pictures.



Jean-Édouard Vuillard

born: Cuiseaux, France; 11 November 1868
died: La Baule, France; 21 June 1940


 Vuillard: Reader

 Vuillard: Outing to Villeneuve-sur-Yonne
Outing to


Other works:




Picasso: Self v1 1901 Pablo Picasso

born: Malaga, Spain; 25 October 1881
died: Mougins, France; 8 April 1973

Picasso has so much art and worked for so long that he has been divided among three galleries in this museum. The Picasso blue period belongs here in the post impressionists. We will meet him later in the first period of the twentieth century and then again and again in European art of the 20th Century.


Picasso: Death of Casagemas

Death of Casagemas


Twenty more blue-period Picasso pictures.



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