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Aubrey Vincent Beardsley

born: Brighton, England; 21 August 1872
died: Menton, France; 16 March 1898

What startled his critics and the public alike was the obvious sensuality of the women in his drawings, which usually contained an element of morbid eroticism. This tendency became even pronounced in his openly licentious illustrations (1896) for Aristophanes' Lysistrata.

Although Beardsley was not homosexual, he was dismissed from The Yellow Book as part of the general revulsion against Aestheticism that followed the scandal surrounding Oscar Wilde in 1895. He then became principal illustrator of another new magazine, The Savoy. He also illustrated numerous books, including in 1896 Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock. During this period he also wrote some poems and a prose parody, Under the Hill (1903; the original, unexpurgated version, The Story of Venus and Tannhauser, appeared in 1907).

Delicate in health from the age of six, when he first contracted tuberculosis, Beardsley again fell victim to the disease when he was 17. From 1896 he was an invalid. In 1897, after being received into the Roman Catholic church, he went to live in France, where he died at age 25. His work has enjoyed periodic revivals, most notably during the 1960s.


Beardsley: Lysistrata / Lacedemonian Ambassadors

The Lacedemonian Ambassadors
From: Lysistrata



The three lines in this set come respectively from Lysistrata, Le Morte D'Arthur, and Salome.

 Beardsley: Lysistrata Picture 1

 Beardsley: Lysistrata Picture 2

 Beardsley: Lysistrata Picture 6

 Beardsley: Excalibur in the Lake

Excalibur in the Lake

 Beardsley:Guinever as a Nun

Guinever as a Nun

 Beardsley:Incarceration of Merlin
Incarceration of Merlin

 Beardsley:Salome Finally Manages to Kiss John the Baptist

Salome Kisses John


 Beardsley: Sakine with the Head of John the Baptist

Salome with the
Head of John the Baptist



 Beardsley: [unknown 3]

 Beardsley: Isolde
From: Tristan and Isolde

 Beardsley: Messalina v1
From: The Rape of the Lock

 Beardsley: Messalina v2
From: The Rape of the Lock

 Beardsley: Cherub


 Beardsley: Monkey



   Beardsley: Music

Beardsley: [unknow 2]

 Beardsley: Page Boy
Page Boy

 Beardsley: [unknown 1]

 Beardsley: Siegfried
From: Sigfried


Here are several fake Beardsley drawings that were previously shown on this site as real. The first four are by H. S. Nichols, a well known Beardsley forger:

 Beardsley: Bubbles


  Beardsley: At Court

At Court

 Beardsley:Messalina v7
From: The Rape of the Lock

 Beardsley:My Hostess

My Hostess

Three more that are possible Beardsley fakes of unknown and dubious origin, but also prossibly by H. S. Nichols.

 Beardsley: Pan


 Beardsley: Nude


 Beardsley: Dancer



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