Welcome to the Tigertail Associates

History Of Theater project.


This project is designed to create several (hopefully many) one to two Hour "Radio" Dramas following the course of theater in the Western world from oral recitations of Homer, through Greek drama to the present day. To get started we will try doing a couple of Greek dramas in English.

Currently there is no money to do production, but with energy, enthuasiasm, and a good deal of luck and maybe even some great talent, we can produce a good promo disk; using it we can try and get funding for our first year and become self supporting.

I have talked to several people in the PBS sector to get an idea of our chances of selling this product to radio stations. They were not encouraging. The best estimate for this kind of production is about 1 to 2k per year per station. It would take 300 stations at that rate to keep the company going. I'm not holding my breath for that kind of response. But that should not discourage us. Quality productions of interesting material will find an audience and eventually some stations will come around. Even if they buy our product in unexpected numbers income for sales to stations will not be sufficient to support the production team so supplementary grant money will be necessary in any case.

We will probably distribute our productions in DTS or Dolby Digital Surround Sound. We will put streaming audio on the web, sell CDs/DVDs, and distribute to PBS and any commercial radio or satellite stations that may take an interest. I have sent a letter to the Greek consolate here in Los Angeles, to see if he wants to try and help round up money for us.

To try and attract grant money to help support this effort we plan on doing two promo Greek dramas: a comedy by Aristophanes, and then one of the Greek Tragedies. CDs/DVDs with these productions showing what we can do and where we plan to go with it will be sent to prospective grantors. The Federal Endowment for the Arts requires demo material before they will fund productions.

It is possible that we may actually produce plays in a local theater to help raise money if the group is up to it and wants to try a real production.

First Steps



At present we need people to volunteer to create a prototype HOT production demo disk.


We need four male actors all of which must be able to do female voices. The Greeks used males for all female roles. It would be good to balance the male voices with a female and male anchor pair to introduce the drama and deliver background information.


We also need a sound technician who has played with 5.1 Surround Sound mixing.

Special Effects

We need a sound effects person, to handle environmental sound as well as special effects.


We need a composer/performer that can create incidental music for the plays. Remember in the renaissance they tried this and it turned into opera. So you never know what is going to happen.


A couple of guys willing to move equipment and in general make themselves useful.


We need one or two writers that want to spend some time adapting plays for aural presentation. The plays need to be physically formatted into scripts for the actors as well. Introductory skits for the play and post-play sections of the audio-program also need to be created.

Location and Contact

The Tigertail HOT Project is located in West Los Angeles. Contact them if you are interested in the project by calling Buz at: 310 472-1253 or send email to info@tigertail.virtual.museum